Tomás Alejandro Bonelli

A native of Argentine, born in Lomas de Zamora in 1977, began his artistic journey making ceramics since his chilhood at the Claudio Leon Sempere Museum in Burzaco.


He continues his formal studies at the Municipal School of Ceramics No. 1, obtaining the Bachelor´s degree in Ceramics orientation, and the titles of Professor and Bachelor´s degree of Plastic Arts with ceramic orientation at the Faculty of Fine Arts of
the National University of La Plata. He also held the seminar on "Pastas coloreadas" (“Colored Clay”) performed by Norma del Prete; the seminar of “Gres. Technologies and Applications” performed by Professor Guillermo Mañe, both organized by the
Secretary of University Extension of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National University of La Plata; and modules 1 and 2 of the postgraduate seminar “Ceramics + Graph.
Alternative ceramic printing processes” by Graciela Olio, organized by the Research and Postgraduate Secretariat of the Visual Arts Department of the National University of the Arts.

In his house-atelier he carries out the production of ceramic pieces on a small scale; sometimes with functional purposes, other commemorative, while also doing it as an object of experience in constant dialogue, in continuous journey, in continuous
Ceramics, as a territory of material, technical and expressive resources, establishes in its daily activity the constant rhythm of a pilgrimage, a project, guided by conviction.